Safehands’ vision is to deliver a positive experience to our children through a learning and development programme that is second to none. We specialise in giving individual care and attention in an unrivalled environment.

We believe the success of running a nursery can only be achieved with a solid partnership with parents and staff; this is why Safehands Nurseries endeavours to keep parents fully informed about the progress of their children and of their time spent in nursery.

We will talk to you about their experiences and development, and discuss our observations and plans for them. We have transitional profiles in preschool and each child has their very own learning journey; not only is this an extremely useful document for the reception teacher when your child moves to school, but it is a lovely keepsake for you.

Parents are central to their child’s wellbeing and development and, as many activities at nursery will go unseen by you, the learning journey file offers a wonderful insight into your child’s time at nursery, as if you were there yourself.

We welcome all suggestions and feedback from parents and we will keep you informed and in the loop as much as possible through our newsletter publications. There are also opportunities for parents to attend open evening and coffee morning events as well as many other events held at nursery each term.